Hello! My name is Adam and I’m a Chinese-Malaysian guy born and raised in Penang, a small island state off the west coast of Malaysia.

I studied Economics and Law in Aberyswyth University and graduated with First Class Honours. I’m currently a software engineer at Pipelinepharma where I'm responsible for everything from the frontend to backend. I also do some design work for personal projects.

I’ve always been a big fan of trying out new things and learning new skills. I’ve also picked up several hobbies along the way. Tech and creative work, in particular, stood out to me.

When I’m not watching tech videos on YouTube while taking apart a phone just for fun, I’ll be fiddling with designs on my iPad or sketching a character I like.

Other times I enjoy doing some writing, keeping up with financial news, reading articles online, board games with friends, and gaming on my Nintendo Switch.

Designing and building websites allows me to be creative with plenty of problem-solving, which I really enjoy. And as tech continues to advance, there is so much more possible with just a web browser.

This website is my little humble abode where I post my work and personal projects. My main work is on the front page and you can find my personal stuff from the navigation bar up above. My resume is there too, if you’re looking to hire me. I really hope you enjoy your stay!